Product Matching Service

Our unique matching service accurately maps your products to your competitors.

Using your product details (taken from your website - name, photos, description & price) we search each selected competitor for each product.

We work with you to establish how you would like your products matched - tailoring the matching to your requirements. For example:

Variant Matching

Many websites group products with various options (size, colour, flavour) together, and list different prices based on the chosen option.

We can accommodate this, exactly matching your variant to your competitors and reporting the correct price, or if you prefer, we can just report the first price found.

How Long Does Matching Take?

Generally, matching is completed within a couple of working days, if not the same day. During busy periods larger volumes may take up to 5 days to complete, we will always advise where this is the case.

Our Team

As accuracy is paramount, all product matching is performed in-house by our trained UK based team. Our team members have years of experience searching for and accurately matching products.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Product Matching service is charged based on results - although we search for all products across all websites, we only charge for successful matches.

The unit cost for product matching on based on your chosen plan, please refer to Prices & Plans.

Taking into account the cost of your team’s time, we are confidant utilising our matching service is the most cost effective way to get started.

Self Service

If you would prefer to manage your own product matching, you can easily add prices via our website. There is of course no matching fee when adding your own prices.

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