PriceAssist Plans

Our service Plans are shown below. There's no ongoing commitment, just pay as you go.

Each plan includes a number of monitored prices, but if you wish to monitor more prices, just choose Price Packs as required (see below for details).



Monthly Help£99.99POA

Monthly cost for your service.

Included monitored prices Help1,250Unlimited

Number of monitored prices included with this Plan. Refers to the total number of monitored prices across all websites.

You can increase the number of prices at anytime - refer to Price Packs below.

A 'monitored price' refers to a single price on a single website.

Maximum websites Help10Unlimited

The maximum number of websites you may monitor.

Once a website has been added, you must monitor the website for a minimum of 30 days.

Maximum products Help5,000Unlimited

The maximum number of products you may create. When adding a price for monitoring, the price is linked to your product for reporting.

Minimum prices/website Help5050

Minimum number of prices charged per website.

As each website monitored requires ongoing maintenance to ensure accurate monitoring, we charge a minimum number of prices per website. If the number of prices monitored is below this level, the minimum (shown above) will be counted.

Daily scanning Help

Monitored prices are scanned daily, ready for 9AM.

Email reporting Help

Reports emailed directly to you, choose daily/weekly or both. These reports are optimised to help you quickly locate changes that impact your market position.

Your prices monitored Help

Our reporting is benchmarked against your own prices.

We'll monitor your website to stay up to date with your price changes, so there's no need to manually update PriceAssist.

Advanced site support Help

A small number of websites require extra steps or custom work before we can reliably extract data. In these cases, plans without 'Advanced site support' will provide limited data.

If you would like a website reviewed, please contact us.

Managed Service Help

Our account management team will proactively monitor your account, checking for additional product matches and highlighting potential improvements to your product listings. Managed clients also receive priority support and assistance.

Optional product matching Help£0.10POA

Cost of our optional product matching service. Our team of specialists search all websites for all products, but only charge where a match is found.

Alternatively you are able to add prices for monitoring via our simple to use website.

Price history Help9 months13 months

Number of months price data is retained.

Stock reporting Help

Reports whether your competitor has stock available, allowing you to react accordingly (dependent on website).

Delivery cost reporting Help

Prices are reported both with and without delivery (where shown).

Exclude marketplace traders Help

Option to exclude 3rd party traders when monitoring retailers with a marketplace. Examples include Amazon and Tesco.

PriceAssist user accounts Help1025

Number of user accounts for use with the PriceAssist website.

Email Report recipients Help15Unlimited

Number of people that may receive the daily/weekly report emails.

PriceAssist user permissions Help

Ability to set permissions for the PriceAssist website. For example you may wish to only allow your sales team to access reports, while an administrator could add/remove products or websites.

XML price feed Help

XML format file available ready for integration in your own system. Includes all current price information, updated daily.


Add or remove products using our REST interface. Optionally we can also automatically match products for you.



Price Packs

Our different Plans come complete with an included amount of monitored prices.

When selecting your Plan (or at any time) you can add additional prices. Simply select the total number of prices you would like, and we'll calculate the cost based on the Price Packs shown here.

Price Packs are charged per month

Price Pack 100£8.00
Price Pack 500 (Save 10%)£36.00
Price Pack 1,000 (Save 20%)£64.00
Price Pack 2,500 (Save 25%)£150.00
Price Pack 5,000 (Save 30%)£280.00

All prices exclude VAT (where applicable).

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