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Our philosophy is to provide accurate price monitoring for your core product set. We achieve this by hand matching your products with competitors to achieve maximum accuracy.

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With our price information at your fingertips, plus our unique suggested review reporting, gain maximum impact with minimum effort.

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Maximise your margins by keeping your prices as high as possible, without losing sales to your competitors.

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"Considering that the hours a week we now save by not hand checking competitor websites more than pays for the service, I wish we had started earlier." Read more

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Designed by retailers

Our service has been designed to get straight to the most useful information quickly.

Daily scanning, human managed service.

Online retail is constantly changing. We don’t record a price then just blindly track it - we’ve built a comprehensive system to ensure accuracy. Any suspicious or large scale changes are hand checked before approval - all behind the scenes.

Small or large, we can help.

Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporation, we can help. Use our email reporting and website to manage your products, or take advantage of our integration options to automate tasks.

Track competitors, not falling sales.

React to your competitors price changes without spending hours a day tracking prices, we're sure you have more important things to do!

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'Price Assist has proved to be a great help with our online pricing, saving our sales team a huge amount of time, and keeping us competitive.

We've also taken advantage of the product matching service, which has proven to be very reliable - especially considering how complex products are in the golfing world.

Highly recommend!'

Jamie Coverley, Direct Sales Manager, Direct Golf


'We sell a huge range of light bulbs online and because these products are mainly seen as consumables it is key for us to be priced competitively.

Price Assist provide an excellent way for us to monitor several competitors at once, giving notifications of price increases or decreases on key products. This information feeds back into our strategy and ensures we maintain a competitive service for our customers.'

Calum Covell, Web Marketing Manager, General Lamps