Frequently Asked Questions

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How quickly can I start using the PriceAssist service?

Once you have registered for a trial account you will be able to get started straight away.

You can take advantage of our 2 week free trial or upgrade immediately to a full account.

How long is the trial?

Our free trial runs for 14 days.

How does the trial work?

Your trial account allows you to monitor 2 websites and comes complete with example products, monitored prices and historical data. You can also create your own products.

Our quick and easy to follow first steps guide will take you through setting up products and websites for your trial.

How do I move from trial to a full account?

Sign in to your account, and choose 'Service' from the 'Account' menu. You can then choose and tailor your plan.

Do I need to provide any payment details when registering?

No, we do not require any payment information when you register for a trial account.

Our PriceAssist Service

What is a monitored price?

A monitored price refers to a single product on a single website. For example to monitor a product on 5 websites, this would require 5 monitored prices (assuming the product is found on all sites). If the product is only found on 4 sites, only 4 monitored prices would be required.

How many monitored prices will I need?

Let's say, for example, you would like to monitor 100 products over 5 websites.

If all products are found on all websites, this would require 500 monitored prices. However, it is highly unlikely that ALL products are found on ALL websites. Generally, we have found that the higher the number of products, the lower the found percentage tends to be.

Rather than starting with all your products, we recommend beginning with your priority products, and then adding products over time.

Will a competitor know I am monitoring them?

No, our price monitoring is completely anonymous.

How often are prices checked?

We scan all prices daily, with the scans timed to being as late as possible while finishing by 9AM.

What are my system requirements for this service?

If you have an internet connection and a web browser, you don't need to download or install anything. Our solution is entirely hosted so you don't need any additional software on your computer and you can access your account from any computer anywhere in the world.

Can I monitor a small number of prices on a lot of different websites?

You can, however we do charge a minimum number monitored prices per website (depending on your Price Plan), so it makes sense to monitor at least this number on your chosen sites.

The discount on a price pack increases the more monitored prices you buy. You can however spread the amount of monitored prices across your maximum websites, for example you could choose to monitor the minimum of 15 prices on one site and 100's on another!

Why is there a minimum number of prices per website?

To enable accurate monitoring of a website, a custom profile and script are required for each website. We therefore charge a minimum number of prices to cover ongoing maintenance. Please refer to your service level for the minimum number.

Pricing & Payment

If I sign up to PriceAssist can I keep all the data I entered?

Yes, the products that you entered will be automatically transferred to your new live account.

Your PriceAssist Account

Should I use your Product Matching service or Self Managed?

Our team perform product matching everyday and are highly efficient allowing us to offer a cost effective solution.

Generally, our Product Matching service is ideal if you want to match all or a set of products across ALL websites.

Self Managed is ideal if you want to monitor specific products on specific websites. No set up is required, you are able to begin adding prices immediately.

If you'd like to find out more about our Product Matching service, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why do you monitor my products? (Applies to Plus and Bespoke Plans only)

Many of our reports are based on your product prices. Rather than requiring manual updates for your price changes, we will automatically update your prices in our database either by monitoring your own website or using a product feed (where possible).

Can I monitor multiple product listings on Amazon?

Yes, you may monitor multiple listings against a single product.

The cheapest price will always be the reported price, but you will be able to view the other matches for that product.

Why do I need to match a price to my product?

By matching prices to products we can group monitored prices together, allowing you to easily compare all prices for one product, or report on just the lowest price.

Can I monitor stock status?

Our Plus and Bespoke services include stock status if available, giving you the option to alter prices accordingly.

Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay etc.)

Can I monitor Amazon?

Yes. We scan all sellers (Amazon's own listing plus third party sellers) and report the lowest price.

Plus and Bespoke customers may opt to exclude third party sellers and report only Amazon's price.

What is a 'third party seller'?

A 'third party seller' is a retailer selling via a marketplace, for example Amazon.

Can I monitor Ebay?

Unlike general retailers or other marketplaces, products on Ebay are often re-listed under different URLs. Therefore we do not currently provide Ebay monitoring.

Do you offer monitoring for Google Shopping?

This is not a service we currently offer.

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